The Temple is Stirring

2nd Session Notes
In which there are no notes

2nd Session of The Temple of Elemental Evil | Oct 1, 2011
DM: Alan Smith (also playing two characters: Adalgrim Bracegirdle,
male halfling thief, and Caelweldorien Lonlothar, male elf fighter)

Lissa Lucas (playing two characters: Iliriel Nenufar, female elf
magic-user, and Gilfindel Arboleth, male elf ranger)

Pat Whited (playing two characters: Tharn Helmsunder, male human
cleric, and Cyrondil Elmondar, female elf ranger)

1st Session Notes
How we started out

Ist Session of The Temple of Elemental Evil | June 11, 2011
DM: Alan Smith (also playing two characters: Adalgrim Bracegirdle,
male halfling thief, and Caelweldorien Lonlothar, male elf fighter)

Lissa Lucas (playing two characters: Iliriel Nenufar, female elf
magic-user, and Gilfindel Arboleth, male elf ranger)

Pat Whited (playing two characters: Tharn Helmsunder, male human
cleric, and Cyrondil Elmondar, female elf ranger)

After agreeing to some vague notions about each of the characters
meeting on the road to Hommlet, and perhaps bonding a bit as a group
along the way through minor adventures, Lissa read the Player’s
Background aloud. I then read the opening description and we were off.

The party arrived in Hommlet, dusty from travel. They strolled past
the farmhouses and made for the larger looking building further ahead:
The Inn of the Welcome Wench. Just before entering, Iliriel cast her
favorite spell, Friends, changing her charisma to a 25 for their
entrance. Having but a minute to make the most of the glamour, she
made her way (past as many patrons as possible) to the barkeep—the
busy but helpful owner, Ostler—and introduced herself. He was quite
friendly. The rest of the party stood nearby looking as friendly as
possible, to help with the impression.

Iliriel told Ostler that the party had traveled on word that there
were strange humanoids afoot and evils to be vanquished, and asked if
he knew how best for them to meet this challenge. He thought about
this, and after expressing how admirable he found these goals,
directed the party to speak with Rufus and Burne, who live in a tower
in the Southeast section of the village. The party also asked him
about local temples and such, and he told them that most of the town
was of the Old Faith, tended to by a local Druid, but that there was
also a Church for St. Cuthbert in town as well.

The party thanked him and bought the house a round, sitting at a table
to discuss their next move.

They secured lodging for that night in the Inn, and ordered some lunch.

At some point a large, dimwitted fellow entered the Inn and sat at the
bar to drink, and Tharn decided to join him. They exchanged good
tidings, and the man said that his name was Elmo, and that his father
was a farmer in town. When told of the party’s interest in fighting
evil, Elmo got excited and offered his services as a man-at-arms. All
he needed was to be outfitted with “chain armor and a BIG axe!” He
explained that he needed work so that he could get money so that he
could buy more ales. When Tharn mentioned that he was a blacksmith,
Elmo asked if he knew and/or worked for Tero, the village’s
blacksmith. Tharn told him no, that they had just arrived in town and
were not acquainted with the fellow.

Elmo also mentioned that he had heard that there were some Bad People
outside of town, but couldn’t really be more specific.

Taking Ostler’s advice, the party followed the road east until they
came upon the tower in which Rufus and Burne were supposed to live.
They noted the construction going on, and hailed the guards atop the
tower. The guards asked them to state their business, and they told
them that they wanted to discuss their intention to fight evil in the
land. The guards told them to approach the door.

They did so, and once the drawbridge had lowered, surrendered their
weapons before entering the main hall of the tower. After sitting for
a few minutes, they were joined by Rufus, who asked what he could do
for them. The party explained that they were newly arrived, and were
interested in pursuing the rumored evil forces that were at work in
the area. They asked for any further information that might help.
Rufus told them that indeed there had been increased stories of
brigand activity on the roads outside of town, and that it was rumored
that a local stronghold of evil, once destroyed, was stirring. He and
Burne had been too busy to investigate as yet, but he would be happy
if the adventurers would find out what they could.

More details about brigand activity was sought, but Rufus had only
scant details… most folks had only heard things, and the few
merchants who had survived the attacks had since moved on from the
area, having only spoken of human road treachery.

The group thanked Rufus for his time and left, deciding to pay a visit
to the Druid who was just off the road on the way back to the Inn.
Iliriel also suggested to the party that perhaps they might pose as
merchants and travel the road outside of town, with the aim of drawing
out criminal elements to attack them. She said that if they could
secure a wagon, the halfing and human could drive it, while the elves
hid in the back covered up for ambush. They decided to look into
putting this plan in motion.

First, however, a visit to the Druid was in order. After entering the
place of worship, the Druid, named Jaroo, appeared and asked what he
could do for them. Again, the party explained their intentions in the
area, and Jaroo told them he appreciated their zeal, for Hommlet was a
fine place worth protecting. He also asked for donations to help the
village poor. Having but little coin themselves, the party nonetheless
managed to donate some money to the cause, for which the Druid was

Exploring the town, they came across the money changer’s shop,
entered, and asked the man if he might have noticed anyone a bit shady
recently. The proprietor responded by pointing out that he took no
notice of his customers’ alignment, but simply was interested in doing
business. Since the party had no need of the man’s services, they
departed. Iliriel claimed that she didn’t trust the man.

Further along, the party found the trader’s establishment, and began
to realize that they didn’t have the funds needed to buy a wagon, much
less the other things they would need. So it was decided that instead
of a wagon, they would buy a few small chests and make a big deal
about having to transport some “expensive items” outside of town.
Iliriel spoke with the trader and mentioned this several tiimes so
that he wouldn’t miss this point.

So, a pair of small wooden chests were purchased and they left.
Afterward, the group returned to the Inn for dinner and drinks. Elmo
was there again, happy to see them and Tharn’s money. The place was
much busier in the evening, and the party met sometime later a couple
more of the Inn’s inhabitants.

A large fighter by the name of Zert strolled over and offered his
services, simply wanting his fair share of any booty. It seemed the
party was already being noticed.

They spied another pair of inhabitants that night coming down the
stairs for dinner—a small, thin robed fellow and his huge companion,
but did not speak to them.

After several more ales and some eavesdropping, the party eventually
all found their beds.

The next morning the party set out with their two (empty) chests,
hoping that their story about transporting some expensive cargo had
found the right sort of ears the day before. They headed east, and
after about 2-1/2 hours of walking, were attacked by an enormous wolf,
who pounced from the southern treeline. It struck at Tharn first, and
landed some ripping blows before the party overwhelmed it in a fierce
battle. As it died, it muttered a cry in goblin, and the party then
realized that it was not simply a wolf of unusual size, but a worg.

The two rangers entered the treeline and tracked where it had come
from, but after realizing that its path seemed random and was likely
to lead far afield, they returned to the road and to the party.

As they were exiting the treeline and addressing the party, a pair of
crossbow bolts came flying from the opposite treeline across the road,
both random shots hitting the halfling, who fell to the ground at
once. Iliriel rushed to his aid, while Gilfindel fired a couple of
long bow shots into the forest where he thought the bolts had come

Caelweldorien, Tharn, and Cyrondil charged towards the forest, and a
second later, 4 human brigands burst forth in a charge of their own,
battle cries rising from hoarse throats.

Amazingly, the combatants closed with each other, but each parried the
other and not a single blow was landed. But the melee was joined, and
Tharn waded in as well.

Iliriel, seeing that the halfling was stable, rose also to join the fight.

It was hard fought, but eventually the three brigands and their
one-eyed leader were dispatched. Some welcome coin was found among the
corpses, as well as the leader’s valuable looking necklace. The
enemies’ crossbows and bolts were also picked up for later sale, being
that they were of sufficient quality to be worth the effort.

Tharn called upon his deity and was able to partially heal both
himself and the halfling. The group decided to travel further east,
but after another couple of uneventful hours, turned back.

On reaching Hommlet once again, Adalgrim stated that he was going to
visit the Druid for further healing, as Jaroo had offered such
services the previous day. Iliriel decided to go with him, for she had
some small news to impart to Jaroo, having overheard it the previous

So the pair entered the Druid’s holy place, and Adalgrim was healed.
He donated 5gp for the poor in return. The holy man listened to the
story of the road ambush with great interest, and said that he would
inform the village elders. He also told them that should probably
inform Rufus about what happened also. Iliriel told Jaroo what she had
heard, namely that a certain farmer was having trouble with pests on
his crops. Nodding, the Druid seemed to consider this, and thanked her
for the info. She tried to donate money as well, but Jaroo said that
since she had given the previous day and had just given him
information, that she need not give further.

After leaving the grove, the party went to speak with Rufus
straightaway. They were led into the main hall again (not having to
surrender their weapons this time), and met with Rufus and Burne both.
Burne recorded the account of their attack, and passed the page to one
of the men-at-arms. Rufus said that while the brigands sounded very
typical of the stories of late, the worg was a new development. But he
added that the lands surrounding the area were indeed dangerous, so
news of that sort might not make it back too often.

The last story he could recall hearing regarding creature attacks
involved some sort of reptile, but that was all that he could remember
about it.

The party was thanked for their help, and as they rose to leave, Burne
asked them if they were heading to the Inn. They were, so he joined
them, as he was also heading there. As the group walked, they noted
that Burne was given much respect and seemed to be well regarded by
the villagers. He didn’t speak much, but Iliriel managed to get out of
him that he was a wizard of no particular specialty, as she herself

Once they were back on the road, it was decided that Adalgrim would
take the necklace to the money changer’s place to sell, since he was
skilled at haggling, and meet the others at the Inn. So the halfling
made his way up to the money changer’s alone, and the others reached
the Inn, at which point Burne sidled up to sit at the bar and chat
with Ostler while sipping his ale.

The party, having some new coin in their pockets, decided to buy the
house another round, to much rejoicing. The Welcome Wench was busy
that night, and many folks were talking about the attack on the road,
for it seemed that news traveled fast.

Adalgrim arrived, but informed the party that he had only managed to
get 130 gp for the necklace, which they were certain was worth at
least 150 gp. Some members of the party seemed a bit suspicious, but
nothing was expressed outright.

A leather-clad fellow who called himself Furnok the Treasure Finder
introduced himself, and having heard about the party, offered his own
services. He said he had a scroll of Protection from Magic that he
would be willing to donate to the cause if they would hire him on. He
only wished an equal share of the loot. The party told him they would
consider his offer.

Elmo was around, as was Zert, who thanked the party for the free ale
and asked to hear about the attack. Tharn began the tale, and before
long, half the room had gathered around to hear it. Among those
listening were the odd pair from the night before, who were listening
intently, if not as raptly as the townsfolk. Iliriel decided that she
wanted to speak with the small Bakluni fellow, so she feigned being
bumped into so that she might bump into him.

After apologizing, she struck up a conversation with the man, who said
his name was Turuko. He said that he was a monk, and his large friend,
Kobort, was a fighter. Iliriel asked him about his training, for she
had never before met a monk. He explained the basic concepts. After
some conversation, Turuko asked if the party had need of any further
help, for they were looking for work.

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